A Community-Wide Awareness Project

BC SAFE Coalition is hosting its second annual week of action, Chalk the Walk, Have the Talk, to bring the community together and create sidewalk art in observance of World Suicide Prevention Day. Join our efforts and enter your sidewalk art in our contest.

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Suicide is a public health concern that affects many in our community. It is the 10th leading cause of death and the 2nd leading cause for ages 10-34. Additionally, over half of Americans have been affected by suicide. Addressing stigma around suicide is critical and being comfortable having open conversations is key. By participating in Chalk the Walk, Have the Talk, our community can make a difference.

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A Week of Action

These heartfelt messages and images of hope and resilience will promote suicide prevention, mental wellness, and stigma reduction. Join us for a week of action starting at our kick-off event September 10th at CFJ Park in Johnson City from 5:30-7:30pm. There will be music, entertainment, activities, education, and chalk art. This event will follow all COVID safety guidelines.

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Beautify Sidewalks

From September 10th – September 18th, beautify your sidewalks. Use your own chalk or we will provide some for you. Safely gather employees, family and friends to chalk inspiring messages and images on the pavement outside your place of business or home (or both!). Help the community be encouraged to start conversations around mental health!

Check out the other events taking place in our community to honor World Suicide Prevention.



We hope you enjoy this inspiring activity and will share pictures of you and/or your team’s creations! To help raise awareness, post to your Facebook page using the hashtag #BroomeHasHope and tag @BCSAFECoalition during the week of action.

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For more messages of hope and resilience check out our PSA here!

Coalition Efforts

Suicide and substance use are intimately connected. Individuals with a substance use disorder are particularly susceptible to suicide and suicide attempts. With this in mind, two local coalitions comprised of many community members and partnering agencies, work together on prevention initiatives. Both coalitions’ goals align to raise awareness on these public health challenges regarding substance use and suicide risk factors.

Chalk the Walk with us!

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If you’re in crisis, Call 1-800-273-8255 or Text GOT5 to 741-741.
Looking for resources? Additional resources for suicide prevention are available here.